Greenwash Of The Week: ‘Green Smoke’ Eco-Friendly Cigarettes.


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I never saw this one coming, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen – the “green” and “eco-friendly” cigarette. Green Smoke, based in Florida, is selling electronic cigarettes with disposable cartridges that are supposedly healthier than regular cigarettes. “Green Smoke aspires to create a greener planet. Green Smokers inhale nicotine through a vapor similar to that produced by a smoke machine at the disco or theatre – but without the tar, ash or black smoke.” Sounds lovely, no? I mean, who doesn’t love inhaling steam vapor similar to that from a smoke machine, except it’s full of chemicals and nicotine? And on top of that, it’s GREEN!

I don’t really know what else to say. “Green Smoke for Green Future”? Sure, whatever guys…

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  1. This is fabulous! I’d never heard of these, but I guess it was just a matter of time until someone came up with the idea.

  2. I suppose if you already smoke and are having trouble kicking the habit this would be a little better than smoking a real cigarette, but really, “greener” is not the same as green.
    Did you read The Onion article about smoking for the environment a while back? It was a hoot…

  3. Can I assume that you’ve never been a smoker because if you have ever smoked you have to admit that this is at least way better than the 5000 chemicals you inhale and exhale when smoking the regular tobacco cigarettes. Plus there’s no second hand smoke effects. I don’t really understand the greenwash complaint…

  4. ok but i still don’t understand why this is greenwashing. All the smokers I’ve mentioned these to would love to try them instead the cigarettes they’re currently smoking…

    From what i understand it’s just the nicotine that’s inhaled and there’s nothing but vapor that’s exhaled. Isn’t that better than the cigarettes filled with thousands of chemicals?

  5. I use them and they blow regular cigs AWAY. All the fun of smoking without the smell, coughing and crap I’ve lived with for 20 years.

    Not a perfect product, but probably the best out there.

  6. I agree this is absolute greenwash especially for the fact that that we will now have millions of plastic electronic cartridges and batteries for the landfills.
    The company states that the product is NOT a means to ultimately quit smoking where at least the product would be a short term purchase for the users with a more positive end result. But to have users continue with use means more oil for more plastic and more electricity consumption ..oh I’m repeating myself again.

    Most definitely needs to have the GREEN removed.
    PS I thought the advertising standards authority were going to clamp down on greenwash products? Mind you they let anything through their nets don’t they?

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