Greenwash Of The Week: National Clean Air Green Tour.


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Touted as a Coast to coast mobile educational tour to promote environmental sustainability, one has to wonder why no one noticed that a coast to coast trip in a giant bus might not be sending the right message. The National Clean Air Green Tour is “a mobile marketing initiative” that will “give visitors hands-on experience with well-known brands that support environmental awareness”. So there you have it – it’s a traveling advertisement designed to get you to believe that these brands support environmental awareness. Well, if that’s the case, let’s see whatcompanies involved in this traveling ad. Maybe it’s really great companies that are truly walking the walk when it comes to environmental stewardship! Let’s take a look at current and previous sponsors:

Scott Tissues
Oberto Beef Jerky
IndyCar Series
Fox News
Southwest Airlines

Um…am I the only one that thinks that if you were to put together a Clean Air Green tour, you might want to pick companies that are truly green? This is just a mobile advertising campaign at best, and a greenwashing event at worst. Watch out – it’s everywhere.

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  1. I know it’s not as bad, but I just saw (in WV) a gigantic camper touting the message “Meat is not Green.” That’s true, but I wasn’t so sure that driving across the country in a gas-guzzling vehicle was the best way to promote the energy-saving ability of vegetarianism. *sigh*

  2. I burst out laughing when I read the list of companies!! Fox News? Beef Jerky? Ha ha ha! It doesn’t even sound like “greenwashing” – it sounds like a bad prank! Thanks for the post.

  3. I saw the bus in person and if your at all interested they have a great message and have planted over 20,000 trees in the last month including donating trees to many cities in need due to storms. Also they had 1400 watts of solar and if you read up close it dosn’t say Meat is not green, it clearly states Mean It Green It. Also if you do alittle research on them they market only green companies and get funding from all companies for environmental projects. Typical left wingers putting your mouth in front of your brain

  4. Hi I usually don’t get involved with these post however I also went out and visited the Clean Air Green Tour when they were in our area. First of all if your going to list the sponsors get it right it is Scott Naturals which is a recycling line of products hmmm that is green to me especially since I wouldn’t have known about it if I wouldn’t have visited the tour. I would also like to say before you bash these young people for doing a good thing you might want to RESEARCH them first. I have to admit I did question each product on the bus and displays and they had a GREEN answer for each one. You could see they were sweating and very hot but still took the time out to welcome me and explain each GREEN product in detail. I was very impressed with the Clean Air Green tour and very dissappointed to see the post trying to make them out to be GREENWASHING when they are clearly making a very GREEN statement!

  5. Typical Rush Limbaugh lovers: blaming their own confusion on us.
    David posted on one campaign, and I commented with entirely another. The “Meat Is Not Green” campaign is entirely different from the greenwashing he was talking about, and it does exist. It’s run by PETA (no surprise).
    And while planting trees is indeed commendable, I completely agree that the National Clean Air Green Tour is a classic case of greenwashing, as most of these corporations contribute mightily to carbon emissions. Planting that many trees will maybe offset Scott Tissue for a few months.

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