Greenwash Of The Week: Sony And The WWF.

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As he always does, my friend Keith over at The Unsuitablog has found an interesting greenwashing case – and he called them on it. Seems he received a press release about Sony and the World Wildlife Fund partnering up on a eco-crowdsourcing project called Open Planet Ideas that aims to discover “how current Sony technologies could be repurposed to tackle environmental problems.” Find it strange and impossible that an electronics company could tackle any environmental problems with all the stuff they market? So did Keith:

To: Clea Gray
Subject: Re: Sony Europe and WWF launch Open Planet Ideas

So, Clea, what Sony and WWF are proposing is that all Sony products sold will now have a positive effect on the environment. Yes?

I’m slightly surprised that any high complexity technology that relies on an industrial infrastructure could ever be environmentally friendly, but I’m willing to listen if you could explain the theory.



Keith: “The implication being that something like a Playstation – the function of which, at the lowest level, is to make Sony money; but at a more superficial level, to entertain people, or rather distract them from the real world – can have a net environmental benefit. I would be keen to see Sony’s calculations, as to this net benefit.

And to be honest, I do wonder how much money and power the WWF gets out of this partnership, considering the fact that their CEO makes $465,427 per year – an insane amount of money for a charitable organization to pay out for leadership. With that kind of pay scale, they must not be hurting for donations, heh? Guess you have to take the all the money you can from questionable partnerships when you can get it, since you have to pay such huge salaries. They are known as one of the most conservative enviro organizations out there and have taken on an “increasingly dubious role in greenwashing the operations of global agribusiness“. With time, they are starting to sound more and more like an organization interested in protecting their financial accounts and not the environment.

I highly recommend you go read Keith’s entire post about Sony and the WWF, and be sure not to miss his recorded phone call with the PR rep. He’s still waiting to hear back from them… hope he’s not holding his breath.

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