Greenwash Of The Week: “Spoil Yourself, Spare The Earth”.


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OK, so it’s been a while since I did one of these, but I have been gone for a month! This week’s Greenwash is courtesy of Best Buy, the electronics retailer. I was perusing the newspaper when I was visiting family and came across the Best Buy circular, which had a little section trying to sell their gift cards. “Spoil Yourself, Spare The Planet” was printed on the card, which I find to be a little odd considering that the card will probably be used to buy disposable/soon to be obsolete electronics that will be eventually be found in a landfill near you. That doesn’t exactly add up to “sparing” the earth, does it?

Sure, the cards are made from recycled materials – which they should be. But there is nothing “green” about spoiling yourself at Best Buy, sorry. We all buy new electronics, and we should realize there is nothing green about doing so, but shame on Best Buy for this greenwashing attempt.

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  1. lol How sad! As I tumble this thought in my head, I come to the conclusion that anyone selling anything cannot possibly be practicing sustainability. I’ll have to think on this some more. I could easily push that thought to its limits.

  2. Does the “spare the earth” part seriously only have to do with the fact that cards are made of recycled content.

    If so that’s just completely ridiculous.

    Agreed that buying more stuff is pretty much never green, but really(!) – they could at least fake it a little bit better; give some money to a green non-profit… have the giftcard only be good for products made from recycled materials… something.

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