Greenwash Of The Week: The Eco-Friendly Phone Book


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Early yesterday morning I heard a loud “thud” outside my front door. Peeking my head out the window to see if someone was at the door, I let out a sigh as I saw what had made the noise — a giant 10 pound phone book. This one was from (by the Yellow Pages) and it seems that no matter how many times I opt out of all these phone books, they keep showing up. But the kicker on this new one? There was a logo on the front of it that said “Your Local Eco-Friendly Phone Book.” On an outdated product made entirely from paper which the majority of people neither need nor want. Check it out:

I haven’t looked inside a phone book for years, because everything I need is already online or in my cell phone. Almost 4 years ago I wrote the article Please Stop Delivering The Phone Book To My House and it seems that no matter how hard I try or how many petitions I sign, the phone books keep coming. But yet I persevere, and I will once again try to opt-out from this book.

Do you still receive this phone book even after asking them to stop delivering it? Think it’s absurd that they call themselves the “eco-friendly” phone book? Try opting out of the Names & Numbers again and hope it sticks.

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  1. But if you no longer get phonebooks, what will the little people who visit your house sit on at the table? I personally love phonebooks because I grew up sitting on them and I still use them for information that I can’t find online, but I see your point. If you don’t use them, you should be able to effectively opt out of receiving them. Good luck with your effort.

  2. I think the delivery folks get paid by the number of books they deliver. Seriously, our (moderate sized) church got about 4 delivered, one at each of the three obvious main doors, and one at a side door no one ever uses. Ours are too thin to be useful even as booster seats (our little ppl sit in hand me down plastic booster seats or on their knees on a regular chair)

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