Greenwash Alert – World Wildlife Fund Partnering With Coca-Cola


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Remember a few weeks back when I posted about the National Wildlife Fund partnering with Scotts/Monsanto? As though these “environment” groups are playing a game of “who can partner with the least-green corporation”, the World Wildlife Fund has now announced a partnership with Coca-Cola. Under the guise of saving the polar bears, Coke is going to — wait for it — paint its iconic red cans white and kick in some bucks while simultaneously asking consumers to text in donations to the WWF.

This is the very same Coca-Cola which pimped out its Dasani bottled-tap-water brand in honor of Mother Earth and Earth Day. And this is the very same Coca-Cola charged with creating water scarcity and polluted water at its bottling operations in India and was the winner of the First Corporate Greenwashing Award. Does it sound to you like Coke would be a company concerned much with polar bears? Or does it sound to you like a company which decided that giving a few million dollars to the World Wildlife Fund makes for good PR and is much easier than making changes to its product line, operations, and ingredient list?

As for the WWF, my friend Keith over at Unsuitablog wrote about its greenwashing activities with Sony last year and I recommend you give that a read when you can.

I can’t blame Coke for spending millions on good public relations ties with “enviro” groups like the WWF as it makes for great press releases and news blurbs. That’s what corporations do. However, I don’t like the WWF accepting millions of dollars in exchange for handing out the good PR, just as I don’t like The Nature Conservancy taking millions from Monsanto. These orgs have purportedly been assembled to protect our natural resources yet they are taking millions and millions of dollars from some corporations hell-bent on destroying our planet all in the name of profit. The WWF and the other groups should know better.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy a Coke now and then. I’m not a perfect greenie, not by a long shot. But in my opinion, Coca-Cola and the WWF have no business being partners, especially when the WWF claims to have a vested interest in protecting the earth. What kind of protecting can they be doing against the damage companies like Coke do when Coke’s money is in their bank account? What do you guys think?

If you are a WWF member and are not happy about this partnership, I recommend you let them know and consider dropping your membership. There are plenty of groups out there working hard to protect our planet that need your help, and there is no need to support one seemingly more interested in donations than in its original principles.

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  1. I love your point of view. I think this Coke thing is insane. Creating global warming with one hand and saving polar bears with the other. And people flat put buy it! It’s maddening! Somewhere a polar bear is crying. Its little tear is freezing on its cheek. And some fat cat in Atlanta is firing up another production line of sugar water filled plastic bottles to keep up with the added demand.

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