10 Simple Ways That You Can Harness The Power Of Rose Quartz Everyday

Importance Of Cleansing Crystals

If rose quartz has zero impact on the flow of love energy, it still wouldn’t be the worse thing to have around. Carvings made from the stone are beautiful. However, if there really is some element of truth in the shared opinion of so many people, then it could be a fantastic and simple way to transform aspects of your daily life.

There are many small rituals that can be boosted by incorporating rose quartz, and we will go through our favorites below. However, before we begin, it is important to understand how to use them properly.

rose quartz raw

Crystal cleansing is essential when purchasing new stones, and should also be repeated regularly. The stones are thought to absorb negative energy and vibrations, from you, the immediate environment and even past owners. If you use crystals to cleanse a negative frame of mind, then they should be cleansed before being used again, in order to bring them back to the optimal level of vibration. Consider your crystals as tools, and look after them if you want the best results. Here are a few simple ways to cleanse and charge your rose quartz.

  • Using Sound – You can cleanse crystals by placing them inside or close to a singing bowl, while you play for a few minutes. The peaceful vibrations will clear out any negative energy and will leave the crystals refreshed.
  • Smudging – Waving smoldering sticks of white sage is a popular way to cleanse crystals. White sage can be purchased as a ready made smudge stick, or you can prepare your own. To use, simply allow the stream of smoke to surround your crystals.
  • White light – This method involves meditation, or visualization. While sitting quietly, ask the universe to fill your body with pure light. Then direct the light from your body, towards the crystals, through your eyes or fingertips.
  • Burying in the Earth – Providing that you are sure that they will be protected from water, (which may damage some crystals), burying them in the Earth is a great way to cleanse a group of crystals. The negative energy is allowed to seep out into the ground.
  • Moon bathing – The influence of the full moon in particular can have a powerful impact on crystals. This makes it a great time to cleanse and re-energize crystals. You can simply leave them outside overnight, exposed to the moonlight.

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