10 Simple Ways That You Can Harness The Power Of Rose Quartz Everyday

How Can Rose Quartz Be Used In Our Daily Life?

Once your rose quartz has been cleansed and charged, you can use it in a number of ways to attract loving vibrations to you and your life. And let’s face it, we could all do with more love! Some argue that it is the very purpose of existing on this Earth. There are really no rules, as you may use your stones in any way that feels right to you. The following are some suggestions, which may include new methods that you had not considered previously for harnessing loving energies.

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1. Improve Sleep

You can place pieces of rose quartz in the corners of your bedroom, to improve the quality of your sleep and your dreams. Many people that have been plagued by nightmares have reported that introducing rose quartz to the room chased the bad vibes away.

2. Promote Fidelity

Some individuals swear by keeping rose quartz next to or underneath the marital bed, in order to promote fidelity.

3. Attract A Soul Mate

Wearing and carrying rose quartz is said to be a fantastic choice to attract a soul mate, particularly when combined with rhodochrosite.

4. Provide Comfort

Keeping rose quartz close-by can have a calming and reassuring effect on people, especially while grieving, after a trauma or emotional upheaval. It is thought to assist in restoring trust and creating inner harmony.

5. Reduce Negative Energy

Rose quartz is thought to strengthen empathy and sensitivity, as it helps to clear anger, while reducing fear resentment and jealousy.

6. Counteract Energy From Technology

Keeping rose quartz close to your computer is said to help people to deal with work related stress, as well as reducing the occurrence of eye fatigue and head aches. This can also be extended to smart phones, which we pick up on average, an unbelievable 221 times a day! Kent State University researchers analyzed daily mobile phone usage in relation to happiness and reported the following:

“…high frequency cell phone users tended to have lower GPA (Grade Point Average), higher anxiety, and lower satisfaction with life (happiness) relative to their peers who used the cell phone less often. The statistical model illustrating these relationships was highly significant.”

When we couple this data with the knowledge that our bodies are pulsing with electrical energy, that could easily be disrupted by cell phones, it makes sense to counter act the damage, by carrying rose quartz around with us too.

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