15 Ways Your Overworked Body Will Benefit From Camping This Weekend

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Camping is a hugely popular hobby around the world, and particularly in America – it has been estimated that more than 40 million people take camping trips here each year. If you have been you will know that it is a unique and great fun experience. You may not have realised just how great it can be for your health!

Here are 15 fantastic reasons to dig out your tent and go camping as soon a possible! Your stressed out body will love you for it.

It Can Reset Your Sleeping Cycle

Our busy lifestyles frequently work against our natural circadian rhythm – or internal body clock. We often wake up when it is still dark, spend all day inside a building and then get home when the sun in setting. Our bodies follow a natural 24 hour cycle, which responds to light and darkness. It impacts energy levels from hour to hour, meaning that we can feel tired and sluggish without natural environmental cues from the sun. Camping is a wonderful opportunity to retune with the natural cycles of night and day.

It Can Benefit Your Microbiome

Our microbiome is our personal population of over 100 trillion microorganisms which reside in our gut, mouth, skin and elsewhere on our bodies. Getting down and dirty with camping can be great to boost your microbiome, exposure to friendly bacteria can reduce inflammation and boost your immune system amongst other benefits. For more information on how mud is good for you have a peek here.


It Is A Great Workout

Camping gives you a chance to workout your whole body – including putting up the tent, chopping wood, hiking, swimming and much more. Get stuck in, have fun and get a workout to boot.

It Can Reduce Your Stress Levels

Camping offers a chance for stillness. Your to-do list will be far from your mind, you won’t be able to look at the wall that needs repainting, the garden that needs sweeping, your office is unattainable – so you will have to relax! If you pick a secluded spot you will enjoy a good slice of calm tranquility.

It Gives You A Break From Artificial Light

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