Help To Stop Receiving The Yellow Pages.


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Now, I cannot promise they will stop, but it’s certainly worth a shot, no? I wrote about my frustration with the multiple phone books that kept showing up at my door and my inability to make them stop before, but I was just told about Yellow Pages Goes Green, which is trying to get the automatic delivery of the phone books to stop. Instead, they want an opt-in system, which makes so much sense to me. It would save the company money and save paper from being wasted at the same time. It’s kind of a no-brainer! Yellow Pages Goes Green.

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  1. The Yellow Pages are only a waste of trees in that the average person is too stupid or too lazy to just pick up the book and put it into their recycle bin. If everyone did this simple thing, just pick up and set in the recycle bin, the yellow pages would never use another tree. Oh yes, you’re probably right, people are too stupid and too lazy.

  2. The destruction and disaster caused by the extraction from the tar sands is even worse than your article shows, and the information about this has been out there a long time. Currently the net overall energy gain is very small compared the the energy input to extract.

    If the costs to the federal government (who will be on the hook for this) to clean up the environmental consequences are factored in then this reveals the whole shebang to just be a corporate snout in the trough of public money.

  3. Yellow Pages Goes Green is a GREAT idea! i signed this petition over 4 months ago and guess what showed up on my doorstep last week? 6 phonebooks! Obviously there is a lag in communcation . . . or my phone book deliverer is mental. Not pointing any fingers, just wanted to share my experience with others

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