Home Births To Be Made Illegal In New Legislation?


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Thanks to a vote at the American Medical Association, you personal choice on whether to have a home birth or not might be about to be taken away:

The American Medical Association has agreed to support proposed legislation that, some physicians say, could make make having a planned birth in one’s home difficult, to virtually impossible.

As of now, no actual legislation has been drawn up, but the AMA has agreed to back a measure called “Resolution 205,” a request to support the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ (ACOG) position that home births are not safe.

“We are against home births, period,” said Gregory Phillips, an ACOG spokesman. ”

So is it safe to have a baby at home? According to many studies and articles, it sure is:

British childbirth expert Sheila Kitzinger states that planned homebirth with an experienced lay midwife has a perinatal mortality rate of 3-4 neonatal deaths per 1000 births, as opposed to 9-10 deaths per 1000 births in the hospital. In a study of births in the Netherlands in 1986, 41,861 women having their first babies in the hospital had a perinatal mortality rate of 20.2. 15,031 having their first at home with a trained midwife had a perinatal mortality rate of 1.5.

Nothing like not allowing a mother or a family to make up her own mind on how she gives birth. Heaven forbid someone makes their own choices in life.

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  1. That kind of stuff makes me mad. Of course they are in favor of it, it means more money for them. Could this possibly pass without some big backlash? What about mothers who have no insurance, no money and have no other choice? Are they criminals now?

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