Honda To Reveal “Prius-Fighter” on Thursday.

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Wanna see what Honda has in store for Toyota next year?

From CarScoop:

Speaking with journalists at the European launch of the new Jazz (Fit) in Frankfurt, Germany, Honda UK’s environmental manager John Kingston said that the new standalone hybrid model will play a very important role in the company’s future. “”It is a very important car for Honda and our future direction. This is a car that will change customer perception of hybrids. This is key for us and to achieve this hybrids have to be made more affordable – the key barrier to hybrid sales is price and we want to break that barrier.”

Cannot wait to see it, as I have been a huge fan of Honda automobiles and would like to see them really start competing in the hybrid market.

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  1. Hi –

    Honda has truly been pushing the environmental and engineering envelope lately. Even the FCX Clarity is turning heads as the US Mass hydrogren roadtrip was recently completed from Portland, ME to Los Angeles, CA. Great post!


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