House Passes $6.4 Billion Modernization Plan To Green Public Schools.


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Finally, some action from Congress that I can appreciate. While the money will be spent for many projects in our public schools, with a big focus on the Gulf Coast where Hurricane Katrina victims are still rebuilding, the bill has wording in it that says that 100% of the money will go towards green projects in its final year, which is 2015. And hopefully after that we will have an even bigger plan in place so that our kids can go to clean, healthy, green schools that they can be safe in.

Many of our schools are in shambles and will require hundreds of billions of dollars to be rebuilt. This is what happens when we ignore crumbling schools for this long – it costs more to fix them now then it would have if we had just maintained them along the way. Some kids are going to schools now that have no clean drinking water, are covered with lead paint, and are insulated with asbestos-based fiberglass. This is no way for American schools to be – we are better than this. I was hopeful that with Obama and the Democrats in office something would be done about the state of our schools and money would be spent on fixing said problems – and this $6.4 billion bill is certainly a good start. Let’s hope it passes the Senate as well.

Our kids deserve better than we have been providing for them.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up — I like the idea, but I’m having a hard time figuring out where the money for this is coming from. The stimulus bill?

  2. Siel, I wish I knew. But then again, where does any money come from for anything they do!? 🙂 I doubt its part of stimulus money, as I dont remember ever reading about it before.

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