How And Where To Recycle Your Old Clothing.

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Although everyone loves to get new clothes to put on their back, at some point in the future that item of clothing may no longer be wearable. But instead of throwing it into the dumpster, there are a few companies out there that will recycle their product once you are done wearing it. Some of these items get turned into new clothing while some of them will get turned into playground equipment. No matter what they get turned into though, recycling them into something else is always better than filling up a landfill with more stuff. Below is a list of a few companies that will take back their products free of charge, so next time you consider buying new clothing, you might want to check these guys out first:

Japanese retailer UNIQLO

As an alternative, you can also find independent places that will take your clothing for recycling and might even pay you for it! Check out for a list of places that are looking for clothing to recycle.

Of course, if the clothes you no longer want are still in decent condition, please consider donating them to Goodwill or The Salvation Army instead of throwing them away. You get a tax write-off and people less fortunate than you will benefit from the money your old clothes bring in!

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