How I Had An Eco-Friendly Birthday.


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So, yesterday was my birthday and here in our house we don’t usually buy cards because they are such a waste of paper. We either make them ourselves from paper already in our house or send e-cards. Well, this year my wife really went all “green” for my birthday by not even using wrapping paper on anything. She used old gift bags we had gotten from other people to put my gifts in and anything that needed wrapping she used last Sunday’s newspaper. Why buy paper just to wrap something for just a few minutes? It seems like such a waste, so from now on we have agreed to not buy any wrapping paper for gifts between us and only to buy it when necessary for other people who might not understand getting a gift wrapped in the Sunday comics. That all being said, she also got me some great gifts that show my care for the environment and backs up the work I do here on The Good Human.

First up, she got me this shirt:


For those of you who do not know what “Green, green lima bean” means, it is the term that GW Bush has decided to call environmentalists. Yep, our President uses such cute words to try to insult people that care about the world around them. Such fine grown up words from a leader of the free world. But anyway, on the front of the shirt it says “Green, Green Lima Bean” and on the back it says “Better A Lima Bean Than A Bush Baked Bean”. The shirt is 100% organic cotton and made in a sweat-shop free shop here in the U.S. Pretty cool, no?


She also picked me up a few great bumper stickers. Though I would never put them on my car for fear of being keyed and/or run over, they are pretty funny and I will find a good use for them.


One of the last things I opened from her was a book that I had wanted to read for quite some time but never got around to it. It is Al Gore’s first book about the environment from 1992 titled “Earth in the Balance”. This should be a very interesting read knowing what we know now and seeing how Gore has changed the face of the green movement to be more mainstream. I look forward to diving into this one right away.

She got me a few other things as well and it was a great birthday. I had some organic cake last night that was yummy as well and I still have some left over for a nice treat today. So thanks to my wife for getting me all this great stuff and for making my birthday so green!

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  1. Save the bumper stickers until you move to NM; I had one that said, “God is too big to fit into one religion,” and had people come up to me on the street to compliment me on it. One woman actually got out of her car while parked behind me in line at the bank teller to come up to my window and tell me how great it was. 😉

  2. Good idea Lacy, I will do that. Tuck them away in a little corner until we get somewhere where people can appreciate them!

  3. Gift bags are a firm favourite in our family now. Not only does it take a lot less time to ‘wrap’ gifts but they can be reused almost indefinitely.

    Its become a standing joke to comment on the lovely wrapping as the same gift bags travel back and forth with every birthday and anniversary. We also tend to use the nicest bags for gifts to people that we know we’ll probably get the bags back from at some time.

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