How many cable channels do you watch?

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I don’t watch too many….I definitely don’t watch the 1,342,756 channels that came with my digital cable box. So, I got rid of it. There are maybe 7 channels I watch on a regular basis, and they are all in the low-end basic cable lineup which I can receive in my house without a digital box or remote control. Plus, I never listened to the digital music stations either, so there was a lot of wasted cable stuff coming into our house.

We are now down to 75 channels, which is still too much. Our TIVO does the recording and the guiding, and I returned the digital box and remote. Savings?

$6.50 for digital box
$.50 for remote
Total savings per month – $7.00
Per year – $84

I was paying $84 per year for the cable company to provide me with a box and remote that I didnt even need. So the question to ask yourself is….do you really need the digital box and remote? The picture looks the same on my TV as it did before, and I now I dont pay for the millions of channels I had never even seen. For us, it was a smart move.

Now, where did I leave my TIVO Remote?

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