How They Became Famous Astronauts And How You Can Too

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  • Astronauts may appear slightly drunk on arrival to Earth.

While in space, astronauts spend a great deal of time floating. As the brain gets used to the weird buoyant sensation, it stops trying to use the inner ear liquids to keep balanced. So when the astronauts return home, it can take some time for everything to get back to normal.

wave from space

  • People get bigger in space.

While in space, the spinal column can stretch out and add a few inches of height to an individual. Thanks to the massive reduction in gravity there is no weight to drag you down. So listen up shorties, this is your chance!

  • You can see humans from space…

Just kidding, but what you can see is their activity on earth, such as lights from cities, pollution or even explosions.

  • You don’t need a telescope.

While cruising around in a rocket ship, it is possible to see a few planets from earth without using a telescope. Jupiter, a gas giant is the biggest and brightest planet, so this is the one that most astronauts have managed to capture in amazing photographs.

  • Forget Neil Armstrong, the first living organism in space was a dog!

A Russian dog, called Laika, was trained by Scientists to take the first trip out of our atmosphere. Sadly, they did not expect her to survive the trip, and was no planned re-entry.  Laika died of overheating.

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