Avoid The Poison in Your Tap Water & 9 Ways To Rid Your Body of Fluoride Build Up


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How to avoid Fluoride – Non-organic Food

This section may be an eye-opener for you. Extensive use of fluoride based pesticides, means that a huge amount of fluoride has made it’s way into our food. Iceberg lettuce has been found to contain up to 180 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride. To put this into perspective, that is 180 times higher than the recommended limits for drinking water. Other fruits and vegetables high on the scale are citrus fruits and potatoes – but the one food item that could be one of the biggest contributors to fluoride exposure is grapes.Unknown

They are sprayed extensively with a sticky fluoride based pesticide called cryolite, which contaminates the fruit itself and is also found in the juice – which is used in a wide range of beverages.

Many non-organic foods contain levels of fluoride, including animal products, that drink the water that we drink – and eat the fluoride filled foods that we feed them.

Other sources of fluoride to avoid

There are other more obvious sources of fluoride that we can actively avoid. Fluoride supplements and brands of toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride should be taken off of your shopping list!

How detox the build up of fluoride in our bodies

  1. Exercise is a great way to kickstart the detoxification process. It boosts the lymphatic system and helps to eliminate toxins, including flurried through sweat.
  2. Magnesium is a helpful supplement, which has been found to inhibit the absorption of fluoride into the cells.
  3. Vitamin C can help bind the free fluoride ions, allowing your body to excrete them as waste.
  4. Calcium works in much the same way as vitamin C, binding to the free fluoride ions.
  5. Tamarind tea, made using the pulp, bark and leaves is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been shown to eliminate fluoride from the body via urine.
  6. Studies have shown that iodine increases the amount of fluoride present in urine, expelling it from the body as calcium fluoride. Ensure that you have plenty of calcium in your diet to keep your levels healthy.
  7. Liver cleanses are an effective way of eliminating fluoride and also other toxins that build up in this organ. There are many products on the market, look for one that works gradually over the course of a week or two for maximum effectiveness.
  8. Boron, found in organic apples has been found to increase the rate of elimination of fluoride from the body.
  9. Dry saunas may be beneficial in removing fluoride and other toxins stored in fatty tissues through sweat.Unknown-1

Clearing toxins from the body should be undertaken with thorough research, as there are side effects of ‘freeing’ the stores of toxins. You may feel lethargic and unwell as they are processed and eliminated.

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  1. Can you please link sources for articles like this?

    There are so many claims made, and I’d like to dig into the research. It’s frustrating to see “Studies have shown that…” without any actual study being referenced.

    1. Hi Eric, You are right, I will add the sources to the article. I will also cite here for your convenience.
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      Chan JT, Koh SH – “Fluoride content in caffeinated, decaffeinated and herbal teas” Caries Res 30(1):88-92 (1996)

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