Avoid The Poison in Your Tap Water & 9 Ways To Rid Your Body of Fluoride Build Up


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Hopefully this article has armed you with the knowledge that you need to make the right choices for yourself and your family. Removing fluoride from your water and diet is certainly no simple task, but it is possible to greatly reduce your intake. Do not be fooled into quick fixes, such as bottled water or off-the-shelf filters. Removing fluoride from water is possible with the right equipment. Switching to organic fruit and vegetables will make a big difference in your exposure to fluoride based pesticides, and opting for fluoride free toothpaste will also make a difference.

What are your thought? Is there any point in going to such effort to avoid fluoride? Do you live a fluoride free lifestyle?

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  1. Can you please link sources for articles like this?

    There are so many claims made, and I’d like to dig into the research. It’s frustrating to see “Studies have shown that…” without any actual study being referenced.

    1. Hi Eric, You are right, I will add the sources to the article. I will also cite here for your convenience.
      Fein NJ, Cerklewski FL. (2001). Fluoride content of foods made with mechanically separated chicken. Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry 49(9):4284-6.
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      Chan JT, Koh SH – “Fluoride content in caffeinated, decaffeinated and herbal teas” Caries Res 30(1):88-92 (1996)

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