How To Chaturanga Like A Pro

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In order to prevent injury you must start to be more aware of your alignment as you perform this asana. In a moment we will go through the complete process for you, and always be sure to listen to your body as you go. Yoga is not a competitive discipline, so swallow your ego and modify if you need to!

Baron Baptise, author of Journey Into Power tells you just how important this is:

“A lot of students try to sneak their way past Low Push-Up and move directly from High Push-Up to the next pose, which is Upward Facing Dog, but I strongly encourage you not to do this. Find ways to work within the pose. Modify, dilute, research, but don’t run or avoid the work. Challenge yourself sensitively and your weakness will soon turn to strength.”

Why Is Chaturanga So Great?

There are a great many benefits to be gained from learning to perform this yoga plank correctly.

  • It develops arm, shoulder, and leg muscles strength
  • It encourages core stability
  • Prepares the body for difficult poses such as inversions and arm balances
  • Increases stamina
  • Calms the mind and steadies the breath

So How Should You Start Out?

First and foremost, take the time to build your strength! Practice holding the plank position, until you can do so comfortably for 10 seconds. As you practice keep in mind that your shoulders should be lined up over your wrists. Your head should stay in line with your spine and your hips should not dip! Activate your core and pull your belly button towards to spine.

If you find that your wrists become tired or painful then try shifting your weight towards your finger tips. Don’t push it too much, stop when you need to and gradually build up your stamina.

How To Chaturanga Like A Pro

Okay, I think you have read enough! Let’s not delay any longer. Check out this great, straightforward video which explains how to chaturanga brillantly.

Okay – let’s go through the steps:

  1. Begin in plank pose.
  2. Shift your weight forwards, so that your shoulders are ahead of your wrists.
  3. Lower yourself in a controlled manner – while being up on the balls of your feet.
  4. Push the soles of your feet backwards and engage your quadriceps (wake up your legs!).
  5. Make sure that your elbows are bending at a 90 degree angle.
  6. Keep your elbows tucked in neatly to your sides – no chicken wings here please
  7. Continue to lower slowly towards to floor – keeping your core engaged and your body straight.
  8. Gaze at the floor, slightly ahead of you
  9. When your shoulders come into line with your elbows, hold the pose
  10. While you are in the pose consciously stretch through your heels, sternum and crown.
  11. You can hold for a brief moment, or even up to 30 seconds!
  12. Finish off by lowering fully to the floor, or continue your flow sequence.

What To Avoid!

what not to do chaturanga
What Not To Do – Chaturanga
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