How To Help Your Child’s School Go Green.


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Just a few weeks ago I came across a few websites that can help your child’s school go green. While there have been articles here on The Good Human about buying green back to school supplies and a green school in Colorado, these two sites below can help parents, teachers, and kids to make their schools more eco-friendly.

First, there is Green Up Our Schools, which is a grant program that provides money and resources for elementary school waste reduction and recycling plans. While they are just getting started in a few school districts, they are looking to expand to many more and want interested parents/educators/administrators to tell them about their home districts. The grant program focuses on education about recycling and solid waste reduction, and expects participating groups to form environmental student groups, meet with them weekly or semi-weekly, set up recycling services, and run two waste reduction projects per year. A list of activities for your student group, information for the recycling service providers, and step-by-step instructions for how to run each project are provided within the program. If you cannot get into the program as it is now, or are interested in learning about helping to green your child’s school or school district, they have a Resources page for teachers and kids. Included there is information about recycling, composting, art projects, waste-free lunches, and using our natural resources wisely.


The second site you may want to check out is Project Learning Tree, which has a GreenSchools! program that provides a blueprint for educators, students, environmental and health advocates, school board members, parents and interested community members to teach, learn, and engage together in creating a more green and healthy learning environment at their school. It combines environmental education, service learning, and leadership opportunities for students to help turn their school into a model GreenSchool.

No matter how we do it, we must start educating our kids about our environment and how our lifestyles can affect it. The earlier we start with them, the more they can learn and adapt to healthier ways of living lightly on our planet. If you have children or you are an educator, I really recommend incorporating an environmental program into your teaching, as the lessons the kids learn not only benefit themselves but the entire world as well.

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  1. Being out in San Francisco, I’ve seen some great examples of schools who are being really smart about baking sustainability into their everyday work and operation.

    One of the things I’m a particularly big proponent of is emphasizing the importance of recycling & composting and starting this when a child’s young. I was visit Mercy High School in SF recently who had fantastic signage all over their school with blue bins for recycling, green bins for compost, and large signs showing exactly what type of items go where.

    It really makes a huge difference.

  2. I think my daughter’s school is doing a decent job teaching the children about the environment and recycling but I think they could do so much more to put into actual practice. The amount of paper I receive from them weekly is ridiculous. I recycle and cut it up for scrap paper but my scrap paper pile is huge. They could put so much of this online and correspond with us via email.

    There is also a list of supplies that parents have to supply at the beginning of each school year and many of the “required” ones are far from green. I refuse to buy the items I disagree with – so far they haven’t said anything to me about it but maybe it’s time for me to make a bigger fuss.

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