How to Plan and Plant an Organic Community Garden


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If you’re concerned with all the additives in the food that is available in a traditional grocery store, you’re probably looking for alternatives. One way to make sure you get fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods is to shop at a farmer’s market. Another way is to shop at an organic grocery store. The best way is to grow your own. Planting and nurturing organically grown food is the only way of being absolutely sure of what’s being used to produce it. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the room to plant a garden. An alternative could be to go together with like-minded individuals and plant a community garden. Following are some tips on how to plan and plant an organic community garden.

Friends and Neighbors

The first step in planning a community garden is to determine who wants to go in on it with you. Begin by talking to friends and neighbors who share your interest in organic gardening. Many of them won’t have access to a tract of land large enough to grow food in the amount they’d like, so a community garden may be just what they’re looking for. You want to make sure you have the same interests as the people you’ll be working with. It’ll make the experience more pleasurable, and help eliminate potential conflicts.


With an endeavor such as this, a little organization will go a long way. Decide ahead of time what your goals are and then go about making them happen. Some people may only want a few fresh vegetables while others may plan to supplement their diet throughout the year from the community garden. Make sure you all agree on how the plants will be fertilized and the compost to be used–gardening methods are important in an organic garden. Determine who in the group is most knowledgeable and have them help decide the structure your garden will take. Some community gardens only have vegetables planted in rows that everyone can harvest, while others separate the garden into family plots. Other community gardens use a combination of the two.

All Land Isn’t Created Equal

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  1. Great tips! The first time I ever saw a community garden was over in the UK. I believe they are more popular over there, but are gaining in popularity in the major cities in North America, like New York, etc. They’re a great asset to have for any community, especially for retirees, as they not only provide a source of organic agricultural goods, but promote social interaction with people who have similar interests (ie. gardening!). I actually wrote an article about eco friendly gardening tips at my blog for those interested.

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