How To Use Houseplants In The Battle Against Toxins. Plus 10 Of The Best To Absorb Airborne Contaminants

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It can feel at times that we are on the losing side of the battle against toxins in our lives. It is constant work to avoid these invisible enemies as they sneak across our front line and into our homes and onto our plates at every turn.

We have toxic water supplies, soil, air and food, not to mention household cleaners, the chemicals in our toiletries and even toilet paper. Have you ever thought about the paint on your walls or the print on your newspaper?……you might ask what can we do to aid our defence. In other words, who can we bring on our team at home?

The answer may come in the form of a pot! Bringing nature inside is a great way to brighten your home, but house plants can have a greater benefit than that alone.

We actually have to thank NASA scientists for the knowledge that follows as they put considerable effort into” title=”NASA” target=”_blank”>researching ways of creating suitable space station habitats. While all indoor plants can purify the air to some extent there are some that are far more beneficial than others.

Just check out this list of ways that some houseplants have been found to make humans feel better!

  • They can actually help prevent certain illnesses, including the common cold
  • They can clean the air of contaminants (volatile organic compounds)
  • They may reduce the occurrence of headaches
  • They may lighten your mood, making you feel happier
  • They can reduce allergies
  • They can decrease blood pressure
  • They can aid a good night’s sleep
  • ….and more!

The volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) that are of major concern are benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. By reducing the levels of these from the air that you breathe, houseplants are helping you to avoid asthma and allergies, auto-immune disease, cancers and more.

But before you rush off to the garden centre you need to know that not all plants are created equal! Here is a list of 10 of the best plants for purifying the air that you breathe. However, it is also important to remember that some of these may be” title=”Poison” target=”_blank”>toxic to children and pets, so check before you buy using the link to be sure you know that the plant you choose is suitable for your home.

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