How You Can Make Your Cell Phone Use More Eco-Friendly.

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Sure, you can recycle your cell phone at the end of it’s life (which most people probably do far before it reaches it), but did you know you could get cell phone service from companies that either donate some or all of their profits to charity? Of course, you might be locked into a contract with a major provider right now, but when your contract is over here are some companies to consider switching to that put your monthly bill to better use than Sprint or Verizon probably does.


Working Assets – These guys donate 1% of your charges to causes like the environment, reproductive rights and voter education. They operate on the Sprint network, so if Sprint gets good coverage in your area, this would be a safe company to use. You can keep your current number of course, and they have a few cool phones to pick from and right now they are giving free Solio solar chargers with some models when you sign up for service. You also get coupons for free pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, so that’s an added bonus as well. Their rates start at $29.95 for 200 minutes for cell service, and they also offer home long distance and a credit card as well. Working Assets


Earth Tones – They offer cell service, long distance and internet access (dial-up only). However, unlike Working Assets, they donate a full 100% of their profits to grassroots environmental organizations. There is no contract to sign, they have pretty decent rebates on all of their phones, and for only $10 per month you can add an additional line to your account. Billing is only in 6 second increments unlike the 1 minute increments by the big guys and you get free calls to Congress and other decision makers. Their rates start at $20 for 100 anytime minutes and go up from there so if you are a low-minute user, this might be a good option for you. And one last thing – they will recycle your phone and even provide free shipping to do so when you are done with it. Earth Tones

We plan on switching to Earth Tones once our contract with Sprint is up, but if anyone has any experience with either one of these companies, I would love to hear about it!

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