33 Ways That Hydrogen Peroxide Can Be Your Best Friend At Home

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Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing! I didn’t even know it myself until recently, but this colourless, odourless lliquid can really be your best friend at home. You may even have a bottle lurking in your first aid box.

Hopefully after reading this article you will discover the many ways that it can help in everyday life and tell your ffiends too!

Hydrogen Peroxide, or H202 is a germicidal agent, made up of water and oxygen. It is therefore non toxic, and it is highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, spores and yeasts through oxidation – which is really a kind of controlled burning.

It is not for internal use (unless you are a medical professional) and is safest to use at 3% strength. Even then, some of the tips below require dilution with non-chlorinated water. At 90% this stuff can be used for rocket fuel!

When used you will typically notice a fizzing, bubbling. This is nothing to worry about – it is not melting anything, nor is it the bacteria dying in anguish….it is simply the breaking down of the oxygen bonds in the particles.

The uses vary widely. First aid, beauty and health, plus cleaning and disinfecting in all areas of the home. I don’t think I have ever owned a bottle, but I will be off to purchase immediately after publishing this!

1. Disinfect Minor Cuts and Scrapes

The antiseptic, bacteria killing properties of hydrogen peroxide mean that it could be great to apply to a minor wound to clean it up before healing begins. The hydrogen peroxide is even thought to slow bleeding. It is wise to only use this once though, as it can inhibit the growth of friendly bacteria, which are necessary to our health. Balance is key!

It is interesting to note that while this is the most widely recognised use for hydrogen peroxide, it is not without controversy. Some studies suggest that it may not be as useful as we tend to believe. As usual, there is research to prove that is effective as well as research to prove it is not!

In conclusion, hydrogen peroxide appears not to negatively influence wound healing, but it is also ineffective in reducing the bacterial count. However, it may be useful as a chemical debriding agent. The American Medical Association concluded that the effervescence of hydrogen peroxide might provide some mechanical benefit in loosening debris and necrotic tissue of the wound.

2. Hide Roots!

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