I Cannot Wait For Gasoline To Be $5.00 Per Gallon.

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Before you start screaming at me, hear me out. I honestly think that there could be nothing more positive for the environmental movement than gasoline to become increasingly more expensive. Whether by us running out of oil or new taxes put on gasoline, higher prices equal more thoughtful automotive purchases and behavior. I don’t like paying the $3.70 I pay now for gas…it’s hard on the wallet. But because of where we live, we were able to get rid of one of our cars, significantly reducing our monthly expenses. Instead, I use my feet, my bike or public transportation. Our Mini costs about $45 to fill up now, but if gas was $5.00 per gallon, it would cost about $65. Ouch!

But still, if it meant that people would think about taking public transportation, buying more economical cars, moving closer to work, or heaven forbid, using a bicycle when their office is 1 mile from their house, we will all be better off. People will figure out ways to carpool and/or telecommute.

If the increase was due to taxes, we could fund schools, fund carbon reduction projects, fund health care, fund fuel economy studies. We could clean the air, the water, our food supply, everything…The amount of gallons of gasoline bought in this country every day is staggering and the money could really be put to good use. Would $5 per gallon change your habits? At what price point do you reconsider that 9 seat van you commute to work in by yourself? In Europe they pay 3-4 times what we pay for gas, thus all the cars are regular size. A Hummer looks so out of place over there that people basically point and laugh. But here, we have to have these giant cars. Maybe $5 per gallon would change even them.

Oh, and before anyone says it…yes, I could afford a Hummer if I wanted one, along with the gas that goes in it. I have been told that’s why I hate them on more than 1 occasion. Weird. I guess it is supposed to be a status symbol, but to me it is just ridiculous. And I am sorry you paid good money for a miniature tank that breaks down a lot. But I digress. Just wanted to get that out there.

$5 per gallon here we come…it can only bring progress and change for the better. Now if we can figure out how to get a piece of those $35 million dollars in profit the oil companies make each quarter, that would certainly help as well.

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  1. Hell, yeah!

    My thoughts exactly. I have a similar post on my blog, only I wrote about $4 gasoline that some pundits are forecasting we’ll see before the end of the summer. I say, bring it on!

    It’s funny that we both started our post by apologizing for opinions, instead of telling everyone else THEY are the crazy ones.

    Nice to see I am not the only crazy around… 🙂

  2. The hard part, of course, will be the in-between-time, when people who live in geographically large areas with extremely limited public transportation won’t really be able to cut back in any significant way. Of course, errands and entertainment can be limited, but some things–like work–aren’t really negotiable.

  3. Shadox, that is pretty funny. We are not crazy, just forward thinking!

    I agree MoneyDummy, that will be the most difficult. But if prices were to rise, I think some enterprising people will work on some solutions. At least I hope so!

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