I Play With My Boats In The Toilet.


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Yep, you read that right. I play with my boats in the toilet. Well, I don’t (at least not in the last couple years), but some kids on television do. I was watching something on my DVR the other night and a real cute ad came on with kids whispering things to each other. Two of the things they said were “I play with my boats in the toilet” and “I don’t wash my hands”…it was a damn cute ad. Then it dawned on me; I knew where this was going. And sure enough, it was another ad for BLEACH! Seems that because kids tell secrets to each other about being covered in germs, that you as a parent should be dousing your child’s toys in buckets of bleach to protect them. Well let me tell you something…

Kids actually get sick LESS once they start going to school and are around other “non-handwashing” kids more often. They come in contact with germs on the playground, at lunch, in the bathroom…really, where aren’t there germs at school? With 30 or 40 other kids, you would think that they all would be coming down with Hep C or Tuberculosis or H1N1…but they aren’t. You know why? Germs are actually good for us humans, they teach our immune system how to fight off disease and how to cope with our environment. Putting bleach and antibacterial soap on everything kills all germs, both good and bad.

Please parents, do NOT fall for these ad campaigns…yes, they are well done and very cute. I mean, “I play with my boats in the toilet”??? It was killing me. But your kids need to be exposed to germs so their immune system can build itself up. Sure, you don’t want your kid playing in the litter box, but you also do not need to wash their toys, their cups, their dishes, their clothes, etc in bleach in order to protect them. Regular old soap will do just fine while at the same time keeping that caustic stuff away from them.

Do not believe the hype…some germs are actually good for your kid and killing all germs in your house will have a detrimental affect on your entire family!

The original version of this article was published a few years ago, but I have updated it for today because of the mass hysteria over H1N1. Need more reasons why bleach is so bad for you? Check out my post “New Advertisements Pour Bleach On Children“.

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  1. Oh god, that is hysterical! I guess they figure if we are amused, we will absorb the message better. Not so hysterical. lol (PS – My family is very healthy, and you’ve seen my house…..)

  2. The first time I saw that commercial, I didn’t think he was saying boats. I don’t think I’ve ever been more appalled! And, yeah, I wouldn’t want my kids playing in bleach water, regardless of the location of the bleach water. . .

  3. Yeah, I agree with you on this one. We are becoming a germophobic society, and it will only harm us in the end, because our body needs to be exposed to different types of germs so it knows how fight them off.

    Let’s stop using such harsh chemicals around the house to disinfect the home.

  4. I think people who are germophobic are young couples especially to their little ones, but as the child gets older the immune system can’t fight off the germs.

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