Images Of Oil Spills From Around The World.


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Is this really the legacy we want to leave for future generations, that we need so much oil that we are willing to let this continue to happen to our world? I hope not! If we keep drilling deeper and in more extreme locations, you can bet we are going to see more oil catastrophes like these around the world…let’s hope we and our politicians stop the short-sighted thinking about oil and start working on different solutions asap. If spills this bad has happened when we actually had easy access to oil…

I think we can do better…

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  1. These images literally made me shudder. Even if I had never wanted to contact my local representative, seeing these would been enough to make me call and implore them to support and push for alternative energy. I hope that all your other readers react the same way.

  2. I do agree Jennae!100%I hope these pictures make their way to everyone
    who has any doubts about finding an alternative way of energy,my 10 yr old daughter was so sadened by the pictures she done her sicence fair project to try and spread the word to other people about finding an altternative way of energy.

  3. OMG! this is crazy! And I am only in 7th grade. I cant believe that this can happen to our beautiful planet! I think EVERYONE that can should be trying to stop this…

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