Is Barack Obama Patriotic Enough To Be President?

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Wha? Huh?


So asked CNN the other day, and this blogger has had enough. John Aravosis is one of my favorite political bloggers, and he has it right – no matter who you are voting for, this crosses a very obvious line:

This is unforgivable. Questioning Senator Obama’s patriotism? Why does CNN feel comfortable questioning Obama’s patriotism? You don’t see CNN questioning John McCain’s patriotism, even though he let our troops down in Iraq and Afghanistan for years while they fought with insufficient manpower and equipment and VA benefits. I doubt CNN is going to be doing a poll about whether John McCain is crazy. Or how about if George Bush is still an alcoholic? The media never dares to question the integrity, the sanity, the patriotism of Republicans… Oh let’s do talk to about the AP. Their reporter, Nedra Pickler, writes a piece that regurgitates all the right-wing lies about Obama lacking patriotism, and what’s the title of the story? – “Conservatives say Obama lacks patriotism”

A great read and worth your time to check it out, whether you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent. This is just plain wrong. Is it time to declare war on CNN?

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  1. I think the sole fact that Barack Obama is still running for the nominee, still loves this country, and still has faith in America despite being asked stupid questions like “Are you Black enough?” and “Are you an Islamic terrorist?” proves that he is far too patriotic.

  2. I think he is patriotic enough and proves he loves his country by running for president. I served our country in the U.S. Army for 20 years and always displayed the American flag. I stopped displaying my flag, at home, shortly after 9/11. My thoughts were the same as Obama’s, I did not have to display my patriotism, as others suddenly found patriotism after the attacks on 9/11.

  3. Watching this from our side of the border is something I thought would never be seen in my lifetime. If the united States is the greatest country in the world why for all that he has accomplished,the questions in the lowest common denominator is what Mr.Obama has to field. My understanding of what questions an nominee would have to answer are how to make the country strong again economically, be respected as opposed to hated. President Bush’s wife has never had to her integrity questioned, refered to as a baby mama or asked if they were patriotic enough. If this is the type of crap an nominee has to answer, if he wins will be reffered to as the the president of the united states or the black president of the united states?

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