Is Dunkin Donuts Going Fair Trade With Their Coffee?

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Being in Los Angeles, I don’t often see Dunkin Donuts coffee places…I just heard that there was one about 15 miles from my house, but I have not actually seen it to confirm it. I grew up with Dunkin Donuts…this was way before Starbucks took over every corner from here to Japan. I drank it all through college but as soon as I moved to the west coast, it was all gone. However, we were just in Illinois where Dunkin Donuts is still the place to go for coffee and as we were walking in one day, I noticed that they had a Fair Trade sticker in the window. It was really tiny so I walked over to take a look and it said:

Dunkin’ Donuts espresso-based beverages will only use Fair Trade Certified coffee beans. Fair Trade coffee beans are certified by an independent nonprofit organization, TransFair USA. TransFair ensures that the farmers who grow Fair Trade beans are able to sell them for a fair price. Fair Trade farmers are part of democratically organized cooperatives that use environmentally-friendly farming techniques. Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the country’s largest supporters of Fair Trade growers.

Whoo hoo! Finally a giant chain coffee place is going to use only Fair Tra….oh wait, that is only in espresso drinks. Which, if I know the average Dunkin Donuts customer, is not the drink of choice in the stores. Most people order something like this: “Medium Regular please”. Yep, that’s all they say and they get their coffee made right. But this Fair Trade deal does not pertain to the regular coffee beans, which is kind of disappointing seeing as how that is what most people buy.

Oh well, baby steps are better than no steps, and as long as companies are moving forward, I suppose we all will benefit.

UPDATE: BIRDBARISTA has left a comment reminding me about the fact that The Carlyle Group is a part owner of DD, which is part of the the giant military contractor’s ring that the White House has going on right now. I had forgotten that they bought DD a little while ago. You can read more about it here and fair trade or not, now I feel bad for drinking it even though it was so good. Thanks for the reminder!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten about the Carlyle Group. I updated the post to have that info at the bottom. Thanks!

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