Is My House a Good Candidate for Solar?

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Solar power is a great option to consider if you want an alternative source of power for your home. In these days of concern over the environment and the rising cost of fossil fuels, it is worth considering converting your home to a solar power generation system. There are a number of different factors involved when you decide whether or not your house is a good candidate for solar.

Roof Area

One important factor is the size of your roof. The minimum solar system is composed of eight solar panels which are installed on the roof of your home. Each panel is 1.6 by 0.8 meters. You will need to determine if your roof is large enough to install a system. If your roof area is larger, then you can install a larger more productive system.

Roof Shading

Shading is another important issue. You want to make sure that your roof is completely exposed to the sun between 10 am and 2 pm for most of the days of the year. If this is not the case, you could consider pruning or removing trees in order to remedy this situation.

is solar right for my house

Southern Exposure

In North America, southern exposure is important. Your roof should be oriented to the south for maximum exposure to the sun. This will result in maximum power generation. East or west facing panels produce 15% less energy.

Many parts of the US in particular are some of the sunniest places on earth. A roof with southern exposure and very little shade will be able to generate a significant amount of electricity from solar panels installed on the roof. Homes right across the United States are great candidates for conversion to solar power.

Home Ownership

Another factor is whether you own or rent your home. If you do not own your home them the installation costs are not going to be worth it. It is too much money to spend on capital improvements for a property that is not yours. You might want to involve your landlord so that he or she can make the necessary investment in the property to convert to solar power.

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