It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This – The 5 Systems Suppressing Human Evolution

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The video above, part 1 of the Collective Evolution is a 2 hour long documentary which explores the 5 systems that have become a part of our reality. These 5 methods for controlling humans, are said to prevent our evolution and keep us fearful and disconnected.

You will recognise them as areas that you probably question in your own mind on a regular basis…

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Health and Food

The documentary suggests that humans were put on Earth to play, learn and grow, we all deserve to experience love. The truth is that our planet has reached a tipping point, more and more of us are waking up to the reality of the dire situation that we are facing. Our lifestyles are not in harmony with our bodies or the planet – in fact we are destroying both. It will not be news to you to hear that we are experiencing a shift in consciousness. The ‘system’ that we are a part of no longer supports us, it does not resonate like it used to. We will address each area in turn below.


The world’s monetary system is all about power, greed and control. Those at the top of the hierarchy can print money out of thin air, while we at the bottom work our whole lives to earn it. This system limits us from the start, when we are faced with a choice of whether to follow our dreams or get a job in order to pay the bills.

The concept is that we need money in order to be successful, to be happy and achieve the ‘ideal life’. We fail to notice that we are being told exactly what constitutes that ideal life. We are materialistic, buying products and services we don’t need, working for businesses that provide these unnecessary things in order to earn money to buy more of them. This perpetual cycle of debt is managing to control us. While we are chasing money to fund the items that we think will buy us happiness we are not living in harmony with the planet. Nor are we thinking about our real needs or the needs of the environment. It is typical to hear of business decisions being based in cost effectiveness rather than impact on the planet. As the video states, we are killing ourselves to make a profit.Unknown-2


Our education system is based on a structure that was built some 200 years ago, designed to feed students to universities, in order to complete degrees that are virtually useless now. The education system requires children to re-learn the same material that has been repeated for generations. Individual creativity is not usually valued, students are rather expected to fill a mould and fit in. When children struggle to accept the rigid education structure they are often labelled with a disorder and medicated. When we take the time to really think about this, it is shocking. Is maintaining the system really more important than understanding our children?o-EDUCATION-facebook

We dictate what should be taught, even if much of it will be irrelevant in the workplace. We suppress individuality and limit potential – and it could be said that this ensures that ‘the system’ is supported. It helps to prevent too many big-thinkers from escaping the box. Meanwhile tuition fees are rising in many areas and fewer jobs are available on graduation. The education system fails so many people, maybe it is time to change?


Whatever religion you follow, or beliefs that you hold, this section will require you to keep an open mind for a moment. Most religions believe that their God/Gods are omnipresent and omnipotent. They are all loving, all forgiving – and yet there are rules that must be followed in order to achieve their good favour. Would an all loving God really be so jealous and punishing?Unknown-4

Religion could be considered another system of rules and regulations for us to follow. It is a way to control our spirit, that sits nicely beside propaganda and the police. If you question the rules it is seen to demonstrate ‘a lack of faith‘ and you could be brandished a bad person.

The fact that there are so many different religions (and even sectors within religions) keeps us all feeling separate from one another. It is almost impossible to feel true oneness when we are made to feel so different from each other on a spiritual level. The competition that arises from the ‘my God vs your God’ mentality causes such a feeling of superior ‘groupthink’ that many wars through the years can be traced directly back to this source.

Religion externalises our spiritual power and keeps us in a vibration of fear rather than love. We fear going to hell and feel that we need to follow the rules in order to be saved. This prevents us from realising that we do not need a saviour at all. We do not need to look externally for spiritual fulfilment, we can listen to our own inner voice.

The documentary asks us to think objectively about the information that most religions are built on. Ancient resources, thousands of years old, that were written by humans based on their perception at that time. There may well be valuable lessons to learn from ancient scriptures, but how much do they really resonate with us now? Are they still relevant or accurate? The very act of asking these questions could be considered blasphemous in some religions. Is it really so bad to let go of a system that does not support us as conscious, powerful and connected spiritual beings?

Entertainment and Media

The Collective Evolution suggests that we are constantly distracted and entertained in an effort to prevent us from thinking too much. TV is filled with game shows and celebrity programs, we take drugs, drink alcohol, and are bombarded with commercials – in fact every single one of our senses is blocked with distractions to prevent us from connecting with the source.Unknown-5

The world of sports, celebrity and consumerism guides our lives by keeping our minds amused. We stop looking deeper within while we are caught up on the merry-go-round of entertainment.

News programs in particular are an area that we should try to keep a critical eye on. It would certainly be recommended to choose some alternative sources of world information in addition to the mainstream channels – which are often described as infotainment. The documentary describes these news shows as staged productions with scripts designed to shape our reality and alter our perception. This is more a concern when you realise that 96% of the world’s media is controlled by 6 huge companies – GE, Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom and CBS.

They can control the information that we receive by holding back key details, instilling fear and feeding us with subliminal messaging. News programs are often considered authority figures, that we simply do not think to question. In reality they should be considered a form of propaganda.

Two examples used to demonstrate News controlling reality are flu vaccinations and September 11th. Programs install fear gradually over time by constantly repeating messages until we are brain washed. We hear people use the same language and phrases over and over again – danger, threat, atrocity, tyranny, terrorist, weapons of mass destruction, war on terror, global terrorism, pandemic, health crisis, global epidemic. These words form concepts that become a part of our reality and we therefore accept the government’s actions because they have laid the ground work.

  • People queued up to receive the swine flu vaccination
  • We generally accepted a need for the war against Saddam Hussain

Was the information that we were fed to cause us to accept these behaviours accurate? Were there any weapons of mass destruction? Was 9/11 an inside job? Did Swine Flu materialise as a pandemic?

Entertainment and the media dictate to us what we should be dreaming of, what we should buy, how we should live. We are sold a false sense of joy and fulfilment. We know that we do not really need these ‘things’ that we want. We are actually being manipulated and causing harm to ourselves and the planet.

Health and Food

Bill Maher opens this section of the documentary. He says that the government is not our nanny – it is our dealer! There is so much money to be made from people that are sick.images-1

The cycle that we are caught up in is eating unhealthy food, becoming sick, taking medication. All aspects of which are profitable. Even heathy practices like drinking plenty of water can make us unwell, because our drinking water is pumped full of chlorine and fluoride amongst other chemicals.

Infants are given vaccinations and throughout our lives we are prescribed antibiotics and medications. These mask symptoms and come with their own side effects, which will need to be treated themselves. We have become dependant on the medical industry.

The fact is if these big pharmaceutical companies actually cured us….they would go out of business!

images-2The quality of our food is shocking. Animals and crops are pumped full of chemicals and hormones, genetically modified, subjected to radiation, and poisoned. Much of it is packaged, synthetic junk, full of fake ingredients. It can not nourish us and it harms the planet.

In addition to this, we overeat to bursting point, using food as a means to escape our sad existence.


This has painted a pretty bad picture, but the point of the documentary is to wake us up. To remind us that we have the power to change these structures. They are only holding up because we are supporting them. Those at the top of the hierarchy cannot possibly prevent us from stepping out of our limiting boxes if we choose to open our minds.

There is no need to fight, we just need to let go. Changing on an individual level will lead to collective shifts in consciousness.

We simply need to remember “who we are vs who we are manipulated to believe we are.”

The good news is that more people are waking up and becoming wise to the systems that are holding us back from our true potential. What do you think? Are you deeply attached to one or more of these ‘methods of suppression’? We would love to hear from you.

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