It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This – The 5 Systems Suppressing Human Evolution

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The video above, part 1 of the Collective Evolution is a 2 hour long documentary which explores the 5 systems that have become a part of our reality. These 5 methods for controlling humans, are said to prevent our evolution and keep us fearful and disconnected.

You will recognise them as areas that you probably question in your own mind on a regular basis…

The documentary suggests that humans were put on Earth to play, learn and grow, we all deserve to experience love. The truth is that our planet has reached a tipping point, more and more of us are waking up to the reality of the dire situation that we are facing. Our lifestyles are not in harmony with our bodies or the planet – in fact we are destroying both. It will not be news to you to hear that we are experiencing a shift in consciousness. The ‘system’ that we are a part of no longer supports us, it does not resonate like it used to. We will address each area in turn below.


The world’s monetary system is all about power, greed and control. Those at the top of the hierarchy can print money out of thin air, while we at the bottom work our whole lives to earn it. This system limits us from the start, when we are faced with a choice of whether to follow our dreams or get a job in order to pay the bills.

The concept is that we need money in order to be successful, to be happy and achieve the ‘ideal life’. We fail to notice that we are being told exactly what constitutes that ideal life. We are materialistic, buying products and services we don’t need, working for businesses that provide these unnecessary things in order to earn money to buy more of them. This perpetual cycle of debt is managing to control us. While we are chasing money to fund the items that we think will buy us happiness we are not living in harmony with the planet. Nor are we thinking about our real needs or the needs of the environment. It is typical to hear of business decisions being based in cost effectiveness rather than impact on the planet. As the video states, we are killing ourselves to make a profit.Unknown-2

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