It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This – The 5 Systems Suppressing Human Evolution

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Our education system is based on a structure that was built some 200 years ago, designed to feed students to universities, in order to complete degrees that are virtually useless now. The education system requires children to re-learn the same material that has been repeated for generations. Individual creativity is not usually valued, students are rather expected to fill a mould and fit in. When children struggle to accept the rigid education structure they are often labelled with a disorder and medicated. When we take the time to really think about this, it is shocking. Is maintaining the system really more important than understanding our children?o-EDUCATION-facebook

We dictate what should be taught, even if much of it will be irrelevant in the workplace. We suppress individuality and limit potential – and it could be said that this ensures that ‘the system’ is supported. It helps to prevent too many big-thinkers from escaping the box. Meanwhile tuition fees are rising in many areas and fewer jobs are available on graduation. The education system fails so many people, maybe it is time to change?


Whatever religion you follow, or beliefs that you hold, this section will require you to keep an open mind for a moment. Most religions believe that their God/Gods are omnipresent and omnipotent. They are all loving, all forgiving – and yet there are rules that must be followed in order to achieve their good favour. Would an all loving God really be so jealous and punishing?Unknown-4

Religion could be considered another system of rules and regulations for us to follow. It is a way to control our spirit, that sits nicely beside propaganda and the police. If you question the rules it is seen to demonstrate ‘a lack of faith‘ and you could be brandished a bad person.

The fact that there are so many different religions (and even sectors within religions) keeps us all feeling separate from one another. It is almost impossible to feel true oneness when we are made to feel so different from each other on a spiritual level. The competition that arises from the ‘my God vs your God’ mentality causes such a feeling of superior ‘groupthink’ that many wars through the years can be traced directly back to this source.

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