It Takes 18 Seconds To Change A Lightbulb


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But by changing that lightbulb to a CFL version, how much energy are you saving and pollution are you stopping?

Well, since January 1, 2007, this country has:

Purchased over 19 MILLION CFL lightbulbs
Saved over $500 MILLION DOLLARS in energy expenses
Taken the equivalent of over 130,000 cars off the road
Saved almost 2 BILLION pounds of coal
Over 8 BILLION pounds of CO2 have been prevented.

All from spending 18 seconds changing some lightbulbs.

At the website you can see these figures and a whole lot more. Also, the site lists how “enlightened” each state is in the country…along with state rankings. Pretty interesting stuff!

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  1. And just think… You’ll earn that time back many times over by not having to change the bulb again for years and years. Not to mention the time and energy saved on not having to drive to the store to buy more bulbs since incandescents burn out much more frequently.

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