It Was Time For New Reusable Coffee Mugs – What Do You Think?


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We had been using our older plastic coffee mugs for years and they were starting to make us nervous. Although we have aluminum and stainless steel containers for water, we were still using the same old gross plastic ones for coffee. That changed the other day when I went out and bought these new fancy-schmancy ones that are all stainless steel with a thermal vacuum between the layers. The main problem with them? Within walking distance of my house, the only place I could get them was one of those chain coffee places (which shall remain anonymous) that puts their own logo all over the mug. Sorry, but if you want me to advertise for you, you should give me the mug for free. Well, I fixed that problem right when I got them home. Here is mine:


I have no idea how long these stickers will stay on after washings, but I figure I can just keep adding stickers over stickers and it will eventually create an impermeable barrier to water. What do you think? Too much? Good idea? Bad idea? I think I need more stickers.

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  1. I agree Maria, it is starting to happen absolutely everywhere now. Unfortunately, it is not much different than people buying a car because of the name on the back end. Hyundai’s new marketing campaign says a lot about this; it’s pretty clever in that it tells you that your car does not make you who you are. Although they are still telling you what brand they are, it’s a different way of looking at it. Thanks Maria!

  2. “Sorry, but if you want me to advertise for you, you should give me the mug for free.”
    tangential comment: i agree with you wholeheartedly on this one. recently i was shopping for kids’ socks at an outlet mall. i went into stores like oshkosh and SO many of the clothes had the brand name written all over them. even the socks! (they were also extremely gendered, another rant for another time). it bugs me so much that places like old navy will sell shirts with otherwise nice designs on the front, but worked in there somewhere is the phrase “old navy.” i refuse to buy that stuff. they should be paying me. even the previously-innocuous mail-order companies like lands’ end and l.l.bean have branded clothes now.
    but our weirdo culture makes it a status symbol. some people like wearing a shirt that says “gap” because somehow it says something positive about them. i don’t get it.

  3. I was JUST looking for a replacement mug the other day and came across one I thought looked appealing:

    It’s a 100% compostable mug. I think stainless steel is a good bet, but I don’t know how easy it is to recycle that. With these ones, they’re made of 100% corn (not entirely sure if that’s good either), and will biodegrade/compost. I haven’t gotten one yet (a little pricey).

  4. Cool idea Ryan, but really, who knows how long they will last carrying hot liquid every day! And I agree, I don’t think stainless steel is too recyclable, but it will last a very long time!

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