It’s Not Foreign Oil We Are Dependent On – It’s All Oil.


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Let’s be honest with ourselves here for a moment; we have a problem with oil. Sure, it wasn’t a problem before because there was plenty of it, we did not use that much, and we had no idea of the environmental effects of using it for everything. But we have a problem now – and some of our politicians and leaders want you to believe that our problem is with foreign oil, not with oil itself.

Not so fast…

It’s all oil from all ends of the earth – from the deepest shale in Canada to the deepest offshore well in South America to the deserts of Saudi Arabia – we are slowly running out of oil. You wouldn’t know it judging by the sizes of the cars that American manufacturers still make while asking for bailout money, or the amount of cars being put on the road in China and India each year, or by the fact that companies across the globe leave their lights on all night – you would think we were rolling in the stuff. Energy crisis? No way man! There is plenty of oil in the ground – we only have to destroy the environment to get to it!

Um, no there isn’t. Sure, there is a lot left – but at what expense do we try to get it instead of spending the money on alternatives? If we don’t start developing these now, when will we? When it’s too late and we don’t even have enough oil to run the machines to make the alternatives?

In order to extract the oil from every corner of this country, we would need to expend so much energy that it just is not worth it in the end. Expend more energy to get it than we get back in return? What sense does that make? Not much – but the politicians are very crafty because by saying “foreign oil” they get you to think of oil in far away lands that might be in the hands of a terrorist, thus we should allow them to dig anywhere they want here in this country. Don’t fall for it – oil is oil is oil – and the only solution to “fixing” the problem is to find alternative sources of energy, not continually drilling everywhere looking for a few drops. Someday, whether in 5 years or 50 years, there won’t be any drops left. Then what?

Oil has been used to create our entire society – from your car, to your roof, to your toothbrush, makeup, trash cans, street signs – and that is just a tiny handful of things made directly from oil, never mind the stuff that we just need energy from oil to create (everything, basically). I wrote before about the many things made from oil and it is a pretty amazing list. What would happen if we did not have it anymore?

Personally, I don’t want to find out.

That’s why we need our politicians and leaders to stop lying about “foreign oil” and get real – we don’t need to drill for more oil here in the U.S., but rather we need to get off the stuff completely. We need to start spending money on research and development rather than exploratory drilling in our National Parks. We need to get private enterprises with money excited and interested in alternative energy. We need a new “New Deal” for green energy. We need to start conserving every last drop that we can so we allow ourselves the time to figure it all out. And we need to start today.

Oil is running out – slowly but surely – both the foreign and domestic stuff. Those in power need to act accordingly instead of trying to convince us that one kind of oil is better than another. When it’s gone, it’s gone – no matter where it came from.

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  1. You are absolutely right. I’ve been saying this since John McCain was saying that we must end our dependence on foreign oil. It sounds great, but what it really means is that we should depend on our own oil even more, when the truth is that (like you said) we need to stop our dependence on oil, period.

    Don’t know if you caught the segment on 60 minutes, but it talked about an oil facility that the Saudi’s are building. (The worlds largest) They say they can use multiple snake drill lines to go in horizontally, up to 10 miles, and suck out 1.5 Billion gallons a DAY! There is no pressure in the ground, so to force the oil out, they are going to pipe sea water, over 100 miles from the ocean to the facility, and force the water underground to push up the oil.

    Talk about a waste of energy! And how long can they get oil out of the ground there? They say “50 years”, but I doubt it. Even if they do make it last that long, what happens the day the last drip comes out the pipe? The lights go off, the cars stop….?

    We need to figure this stuff out now, not next year, not 25 years from now.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. I’m really afraid that with the lower fuel prices, people are quickly going to put this issue on the back burner. We can’t let that happen. Thanks for reminding all of us that just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean there’s suddenly more available to waste.

  3. Today I replaced my old oil furnace with an electric furnace and a heat pump. It cost me 12K to swap out that old stinker and un-eco friendly heat source. Worth every penny. 😀 (I live in the middle of a forest, so heating options are few).

  4. Is there a plan to cut our dependency on foreign oil? There is a lot of talk in the media, government, blogs and chat boards, but is there really a plan out there.
    Even if there is, does the American public have a voice in it. Is President-elect Obama going to do half of the things he promised or is he going to be like the last couple Presidents and make all the promises he could just to get elected.
    I guess I’m just getting frustrated that nothing seems to happen when we all know that things need to change.

  5. Let’s see, $10 billion a month in Iraq, $2 billion a month in Afghanistan, boy it sure would be nice to use that money for Alternative Engery Research.

  6. Larry, the point I was trying to make was about all oil, not just foreign. We need to get off of all of it, otherwise it just doesn’t make much of a difference at all.

  7. @squawkfox. I hope your local electric company is not powered by coal. Most of us think we are doing better by going electric, not knowing how we get our electric in the first place. I’m not sure why we have oil on this earth, or why we were given the brains to know what to do with it. But it has made my life better. I would not be able to type this message on my plastic computer if it wasn’t for oil.

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