Just how does one get out of the USA if Nov 7th doesnt go your way?


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Not that anyone would actually leave the country because of what happens next week at the polls…

Ok so maybe they would. Remember when Alec Baldwin said he was leaving if Bush got re-elected? So he didnt leave..but it was a nice idea. But if come November 7th you just have to get out of the good ole US of A, here is a book for you:

Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America (Process Self-reliance Series)

Book Description from Amazon:

Had enough?

“Whether you find the government oppressive, the economy spiraling out of control, or if you simply want adventure, you’re not alone. In increasing numbers, the idea is talked about openly: Expatriate.”


Source: Boing Boing

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  1. I totally agree…we are not going anywhere, but its hard to be proud of this country at this point. We need change, and hopefully that begins next week!

  2. And yet, I find myself too loyal to the US to abandon it when the head of this body happens to be ugly. I think as an American, we have the duty to stay and make a country that we can live in.

    But I understand the sentiment. Not proud of the face, ashamed of the acts done in our names. But its selfish to leave, and I DO care about this country.

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