Just How Much Mercury Is In The Fish You Eat?


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So, perusing the web this morning I came across GotMercury.org , a website that has a calculator to see just how much mercury is in the fish you eat. Lovely!

You enter in your weight, the seafood type, and the amount of seafood you will eat during a week and hit “calculate”….and wait for the mercury fun to begin. The calculations are based on FDA and EPA data, which while sometimes I dont trust any of their data, you have to start somewhere. The results tell you what percentage of the “EPA limit” you would ingest or mercury in your fish.

I am sure we all know by now what mercury does to us:

-Nervous system damage
-Possible cause of cancer
-Cardiovascular damage in young children and newborns
-Decreased urine output (may stop all together)
-Possible cause of autism

Really, need I go on? You could search the internet for weeks and continue to come up with the bad things that mercury does to a human body. What are you waiting for, go do the math at GotMercury.org and see what the safe fish to eat are!

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