Just Received Our New Folding Bike From Citizen Bike.

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Living in an apartment definitely has it’s positives…I don’t have to pay to fix anything, I don’t pay for water…my neighbors are always around to keep an eye on the place. But in terms of storage for your “stuff”, and apartment is not an ideal place to live. We don’t have a lot of stuff, mind you, but since I don’t own a car anymore a bike is my main means of transportation…and bikes don’t look that great in your living room. Our building does not allow us to keep our bikes outside so they have taken up residence in our living room. Nice, huh?

But I have solved this dilemma with a new folding bike from Citizen Bike. Here it is put together:


And here it is folded up:


Now we can store our bikes in the closet, in the back of the Mini, or even in the tiny little storage compartment we have out back by the parking spaces. We ordered one bike to see how we liked it and now we are going to order another one. I think I am just going to donate our old heavy, no gears, made of steel bikes to charity so someone who needs a bike can have one. They were just too big and bulky to use to get around town and they took up too much space in the apartment. Seems I found the solution though! Citizen Bike

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