Keith Olbermann-There is no line this President will not cross.

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Wow. I just cannot get enough of MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. And it seems that the country can’t either, if his recent ratings are any indication. If you have not seen the show, you have to start checking it out…its on MSNBC at 5pm, Monday through Friday. Tonight’s Special Comment was one of the greatest speeches I have ever seen on a political issue. The transcipt is incredibly long, and I will put some highlights below, followed by the link to the entire thing along with the video.

There is tonight no political division in this country that he and his party will not exploit, nor have not exploited; no anxiety that he and his party will not inflame.

There is no line this President has not crossed , nor will not cross , to keep one political party, in power.

He has spread any and every fear among us, in a desperate effort to avoid that which he most fears , some check, some balance against what has become not an imperial, but a unilateral presidency.


One, sir, is that you are far more stupid than the worst of your critics have suggested; that you could not follow the construction of a simple sentence; that you could not recognize your own life story when it was deftly summarized; that you could not perceive it was the sad ledger of your presidency that was being recounted.

This, of course, compliments you, Mr. Bush, because even those who do not “make the most of it,” who do not “study hard,” who do not “do their homework,” and who do not “make an effort to be smart” might still just be stupid , but honest.

No; the first option, sir, is, at best, improbable. You are not honest.


You are merely a politician whose entire legacy will have been a willingness to make anything political , to have, in this case, refused to acknowledge that the insult wasn’t about the troops, and that the insult was not even truly about you either , that the insult, in fact, is you.

So now John Kerry has apologized to the troops; apologized for the Republicans’ deliberate distortions.

Thus the President will now begin the apologies he owes our troops, right?

This President must apologize to the troops , for having suggested, six weeks ago, that the chaos in Iraq, the death and the carnage, the slaughtered Iraqi civilians and the dead American service personnel, will, to history, quote “look like just a comma.”

This President must apologize to the troops , because the intelligence he claims led us into Iraq proved to be undeniably and irredeemably wrong.

This President must apologize to the troops , for having laughed about the failure of that intelligence, at a banquet, while our troops were in harm’s way.

This President must apologize to the troops , because the streets of Iraq were not strewn with flowers and its residents did not greet them as liberators.

This President must apologize to the troops , because his administration ran out of “plan” after barely two months.

This President must apologize to the troops , for getting 2,815 of them killed.

This President must apologize to the troops , for getting this country into a war without a clue.

And Mr. Bush owes us an apology”¦ for this destructive and omnivorous presidency.

Go Keith! You can read the entire transcript and watch the video over at Crooks and Liars. Do yourself a favor and spend 10 minutes watching the video, and be sure to check out Countdown on wont be sorry. It truly is the only honest voice on TV about the state of our political system.

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