LA Times writer has run-in with Girls Gone Wild founder.

Claire Hoffman from the LA Times was supposed to do an interview with Joe Francis of “Girls Gone Wild” fame…instead she was being assaulted on the hood of a car. This LA Times story, “Baby, Give me a Kiss” was incredibly hard to read and quite honestly, thoroughly disgusting. Now, I am not the moral police…if you happen to enjoy the Girls Gone Wild videos, well, have it. It’s not for me, ESPECIALLY after reading this expose about the guy that owns the business. Even after the arrests, the jail time, and the threats from parents, Joe Francis seems to be going about his business…and business is good. $40 million dollars a year good. That is some serious cash. And at 33 years old, it doesnt seem like he is going to stop any time soon.

Please…read “Baby, Give me a Kiss” in the LA Times. Even if you watch the videos and think they are harmless, this story will open your eyes to what REALLY is going on. Thank you Claire Hoffman, for being brave enough to not only do this interview, but then to write about it afterwards. And I hope you are not too injured from your assault.

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