4 Essential Laundry Tips For Off The Grid Living

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Today’s post is going to cover the basics on taking care of your laundry on for those who choose to live off the grid, in a homestead for example, and also for those who want to simply reduce their energy usage and carbon footprint. We will look at how to wash and dry clothes without electricity and even how to mend and repair them.

What Is Homesteading?

The term homesteading has been commandeered most recently to mean living a self-sufficient lifestyle, living a life that more about working the local land and less about popping to the super-market.

Abigail R. Gehring, a popular author on the subject describes it this way: “Homesteading is about creating a lifestyle that is first of all genuine. It’s about learning to recognize your needs – including energy, food, financial, and health needs – and finding out how they can be met creatively and responsibly.”

Why Live Off The Grid?

Homesteading is becoming increasingly popular across the nation. More people are choosing to learn the essential skills required to be self sufficient and self reliant. To look after those closest to you, while living a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

We hear stories about the truth behind our modern way of life, this includes factory farming, sweatshops and propaganda. Homesteading is a way to bring life back to the authentic here and now. To be able to manage fair trade, and energy usage and much more.

All of this while learning incredibly important and largely forgotten life-skills. And not forgetting….saving bucket loads of money! This can help you to get out of the rat race, get in touch with nature, and your true self. What better reason for learning how to homestead?

The task of becoming a self sufficient, green fingered, lover of the land may seem daunting at first. That is understandable. It is so far removed from our current, detached and pre-packaged way of life. That is why we should learn in steps. Today we will look at laundry.

So this post will offer practical advice and suggestions on how to hand wash your clothes, dry them without electricity and even some tips on mending your garments. Yes, it is possible to mend clothes rather than ditch them and pick up a replacement for less than $5!

1. How To Hand Wash Clothes

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