How can LED Lighting and Houseplants Improve your Home?


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It may at first seem strange to mention LED lighting in the same sentence as the humble house plant. The fact is that both with not only improve your immediate environment but also the planet as a whole. If that isn’t incentive enough then how about having lower energy bills and improve you and your family’s general wellbeing?

Before you read any further think about what you have just read – by making a few small changes at a relatively small cost you are going to improve your health and save money. People always talk about the environment as if they are talking about something in a far off country. The fact is the most important environment is your home and your workplace, the places you spend most of your life. I strongly believe change should start at home as that is where you will see the greatest improvement and see that you can actually make a difference.

Bring fresh air into your home and office with a plant

Without plants we wouldn’t be able to breathe, as plants are amazing little machines that turn light into food and supply us with oxygen. You probably already knew that but I bet you didn’t know that they can also remove toxins and dust from the air and make you feel better – and that’s not just psychologically better but also physiologically better.

You may have heard about sick building syndrome; it’s where poor indoor air quality affects the health of its occupants. You can get this in your home or in your office or workplace, and this is why proper ventilation is essential. Many of the furnishings, parts of the building and electrical appliances give off toxic gases like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. Those lovely soft furnishings are poisoning you. Photocopiers, carpets, computers, plasterboard, MDF wood, paint and just about everything is constantly leaching dangerous gases into your environment.

spider plant

Simply by placing a house plant on your desk at work or having a plant in each room at home can help to reduce the impact of these toxins. Often times conditions such as asthma, stress, anxiety, lethargy and tiredness can be caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality.

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  1. Are there adverse effects or rather NO effects from using LED bulbs indoors with your plants? How might those who use grow lights or flourescents for plant/seed growth make this transition?

  2. You can use LED lighting as a lighting supplement for plants. If you want to use LED’s as the main source of light it would probably be better to invest in lights that emit the light spectrum that is optimal for plant growth. I’m no expert so I’d advise looking at a specialist plant lighting site for more details.

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