Fantastic Ways To Use Lemons For Your Health, Laundry and Home


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13. Disinfect Minor Cuts and Abrasions

This may be a little stingy – try pouring a few drops of lemon juice directly onto the cut, or apply the juice with a cotton ball and hold firmly in place for a moment to clean the wound.

Uses For Lemons
Uses For Lemons

14. Remove Warts

An old wives tale it may be, but if you suffer with warts why not try neat lemon juice? Apply with cotton wool over several days to allow the acids in the lemon juice to dissolve the wart.

Household Cleaning

15. Freshen Up Your Fridge 

Remove refrigerator odours easily. Clean out any mouldy food culprits and then wash the shelves and walls with neat lemon juice.

16. Refresh Your Microwave

Chop some lemon and place in a bowl of water, placing it on the turn-table inside your microwave. Switch onto high power for up to 30 seconds and allow the lemon to work it’s magic. Grease and grime will melt away and you will be left with a fresh zesty scent.

Uses For Lemons
Uses For Lemons

17. Deodorise Your Chopping Board

Sanitise your board after all of those onions, garlic, and meats have been chopped on it. Rub it all over with half a lemon to keep it squeaky clean and sweet smelling.

18. Create a Natural Insect Repellant

Try squeezing some lemon juice on door thresholds and windowsills, plus any holes or cracks that are common entries for bugs. This should be enough to ward off ants, roaches and other unwelcome creepy crawlies.

19.  Make A Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Reduce your exposure to pesticides and herbicides by washing your fruits and vegetables in a solution of one 1 part lemon juice to 3 parts water. This can also help to prevent cut fruits and vegetables from going brown, and may even keep your lettuce crisp for longer.

20. Clean and Polish Your Metal Ornaments

Is tarnished on brass, copper, and steel a problem in your life? Create a paste with lemon juice and salt (or baking powder) and apply liberally to the affected area. Leave to soak for 5 minutes before rinsing in warm water and polishing dry. This solution can also keep stainless steel sinks, taps and chrome squeaky clean too. Apply the mixture, scrub gently, and rinse.

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