Let’s Combine All These Green Festivals To Reduce Travel & Carbon Emissions.

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So I have been reading all over the internet lately about these different Green Festivals taking place in cities across America – one would have to travel from Boston to San Francisco to Chicago to…wherever…to go to them all. How is that green at all? Thousands of people flying all over the place to attend conferences on being green. Seems…strange and hypocritical. I have a better idea!

Let’s all get together and pick ONE city each year to host any and all green festivals. Want to be truly green and support the message of these festivals? Put them all in the same place over the same time frame – that way people can come to one or all over the course of a week, thus reducing the need for flying and reducing carbon emissions. That would really say “We are being Green” while we are attending all these conferences! Plus, each city would get to showcase their “eco-friendliness” each year to the entire world and all the conference goers.

What do you guys think? Doesn’t it seem kind of silly to hold these things year round in different places, when the entire message is “be green”?

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  1. I too think it is quite hypocritical of green people to fly around to green parties like that. What could we do about it though.

  2. Don’t know how that work, but it does seem like at least it would truly be green rather than just a bunch of polluting events.

  3. another option would be regional ones in cities served by Amtrak. I’m thinking regional so that most attendees could possibly get there within 12-18 hours of train time rather than a couple of days.

  4. Does anybody actually fly all over the durn country and attend ALL the “Green Festivals” they can? I think the idea behind having lots of Green Festivals is so if you live in Livermore, California, you can take the bus and train to the Green Festival in San Francisco instead of getting on an airplane and flying to New York to attend the Green Festival there. I don’t think one is expected to attend more than one such Festival! That would be silly.

  5. Yes – but there are green festivals around the country all year long that should be combined if they truly wanted to “be green”. Otherwise its hypocrisy to spread them out like that and make all those people travel every month.

  6. Wouldn’t the best solution involve hosting a web meeting?

    Each major city could host a smaller convention, and link up to everyone around the world who was interested. I began using these services in my former “travel job” and found they were much more productive as travel time is a killer in terms of productivity and costs.

  7. Absolutely Matt, that would work too. I just hate watching people talk about going green while flying around the country every other week to a new event/festival/conference. 🙂

  8. I think it’s important to have awareness of these events, but I also agree that we must not lose sight of the big picture–reducing our impact on the earth. I’d love to go to all of these events, but given my family situation, it is just not feasible to take time off of school and cart my toddler around the country:) I’m a big fan of trains and a big fan of staying local. Another great thing to do, is turn your annual vacation into a working vacation and incorporate a green event into the itinerary. When my daughter is a little bit older, we plan to go to Australia and volunteer on an endangered animal sanctuary where it only costs $10 a day for room and board. My idea of a vaca!

  9. I believe the festivals are held in different areas so that they can be attended without traveling. I went to the festival in DC, took the metro. I have no intention to travel to attend another. If you are talking about the vendors, most of the vendors I saw were from this area, no more than two or three hours away not cross country. They are greener than you think.

  10. I agree that many locals only go to “their” festival, but too many people in my industry go to all of them – leaving a rather large carbon wake behind them. That is mainly what I take issue with.

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