Liquids not safe on plane are safe in a bucket?

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Let me get this straight…we are now no longer allowed to bring soda, water, yogurt, makeup, aftershave, cologne, medicine or anything else that is a liquid on a plane, right? But somehow, dumping all of this stuff together into a bucket at the airport security checkpoint is safe? In a crowd full of people in line? Never mind that they are taking and emptying all that stuff because it could be EXPLOSIVES! So, if you are carrying an explosive, the way to stop you is to take it and dump it in a bucket next to all these people in line? Check out this picture:

I can only imagine the toxic cloud that is being created at each airport now around the world. Stuck in line at security, you have to stand next to a bucket of mixed chemicals (that could be explosives) for hours waiting to be waved with a magnetic wand. Something just doesnt make sense here, and I think the DHS is being a little ridiculous. The policy of FEAR is taking over again, just in time for the November elections.

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  1. not only that…the people making the rules don’t give a @)#(*@#$& about how life really works. do you think bush CARES how ridiculous this all is?

    i was soooo resentful seeing all the private jets lined up while fighting my way to LAX….

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