Looking For An Electric Car? A Big List Of Electric Vehicle Resources.

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Living in an apartment does not give me the luxury of owning an electric car, as I do not think that my landlord would appreciate me plugged into the buildings outlets out back. And I don’t own an extension cord that long anyway! But if you have a place to plug one in, and you live in a smallish community where you do not have to go 80 on the freeway, an electric car could be just the ticket. Here by my house I see a lot of them driving around; I am jealous that they are not paying a dime for gasoline. Here are a bunch of companies currently making and/or already selling electric cars:


Gem Car


Bigman EV


Cart Rite


It’s Electric


Tesla Motors


Myers Motors

And there are a LOT more…check out EV World for different cars, more technologies, and the future of the electric car. Personally, I want a Tesla Roadster, but that will have to wait until the prices are more reasonable. But a sports car that goes that fast on no gas is definitely in the cards for my future!

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