Los Angeles has the worst beaches, we win again!

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We’re Number One! We’re Number One!

Um, no, not really. But HealTheBay.org has just released their 2006 End of Summer Report Card and, well, we failed. Miserably.

“Once again, however, Los Angeles County had the worst beach water quality grades in the state with the biggest surprise of the summer the poor water quality found in Long Beach only 3 of 25 (12%) monitoring stations received A or B grades.”

Did you catch that? Worst in the STATE. LA County. Worst.

Mind you I live about a football field away from the beach, and from up here, it looks fine. But you wont catch me going in that water, I have seen it up close. And it seems that HealTheBay.org has backed up my own independent study in that the water in Los Angeles is quite gross.

If you need more incentive to stay out of the water in L.A., whether you live here or are planning a visit:

“In addition, Heal the Bay and Santa Monica released its Santa Monica Pier Bacterial Source Identification Study on poor water quality at the Pier beach. The five week study pinpointed the sources of high fecal bacteria densities at the beach and it provided recommendations for making the beach safe for swimming.”


So, for those of you voting on November 7th, here is something that could help:

“Proposition 84 A Critical Statewide Measure

Los Angeles County’s poor summer grades makes Proposition 84 a critical measure on the November 7, 2006 ballot. Endorsed by Heal the Bay, Prop 84’s $5.4 billion will help solve some of California’s worst water quality problems and it’s the first proposition in the nation to provide dedicated funds $540 million to help maintain the health of our California’s coastal waters. $180 million specifically will go towards cleaning up coastal storm water and beach pollution, and $225 million to clean up the Santa Monica, San Diego, San Francisco and Monterey bays, watersheds, and major rivers that drain into those bays.”

Please, do your part and vote. We have to do something about this water so I can enjoy it someday up close rather than up on the hill.

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  1. ‘The Siberian Timebomb’, the most important wake-up call since ‘Silent Spring’. For more info on this BBC report track back to my blog or, go to http://www.environmentdebate.blogspot.com .


    I’ve had an answer back from the Beeb.

    The report will be repeated on BBC News 24 over the weekend at the following times;
    On 28 October 2006 at 05:30, 14:30 and 21:30 and on 29 October at 03:30 and
    14:30 GMT.

    Please see if you can.

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