How To Easily Make your Own Orange Degreaser

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It has been a while since we shared a DIY cleaning recipe, but trust me, this one was worth the wait! TGH is going to show you how to make your very own citrus degreaser at home – and of course this will be without chemicals! Non-toxic, no waste, simple, effective and cheap.

But that is not all! We are going to share with you a fantastic citrus degreaser that will be ready to use in two weeks, and also an instant recipe while you wait for that one!

You oven could be clean and sparkling in just five minutes after you read this post!

Both of these recipes are extremely capable of removing tough grease and grime with little elbow grease. That sticky stuff that covers your kitchen over time is no match for them, and you can achieve a deliciously scented clean and sparkling home without the use of toxic harsh chemicals. You can use them on your stove, cabinets, bathroom, even your car.

So I will stop delaying and get straight down to the methods.

The 2 Ingredient, 2 Week Citrus Degreaser

Yes, you read correctly. This wonderful orange degreaser is comprised of just 2 ingredients.

1. Citrus peels
2. Vinegar

The process is simple, but requires a little patience. First, you need to collect plenty of citrus peels. You can use oranges, lemons, grapefruits and anything else that you enjoy. Simply keep the peels in the freezer until you have enough to fill a large jar.

Once you have enough peel, chuck them into your jar of choice and fill to the top with vinegar, a good choice is white vinegar, which you can purchase inexpensively.

Put a layer of wax paper on the top and screw the lid in place.

Then wait! For around 2 weeks, and every time you have a chance give the jar a little shake.

Once a fortnight has passed, the citrus and vinegar would have interacted and steeped adequately and you can get on with the next step.

Strain the mixture and keep the liquid ready to bottle. You can use it neat, or dilute to your liking in order to spray liberally. It can be diluted as much as 8 parts water to 1 part citrus degreaser. A good tip is to use it neat in your dishwasher as rinse aid!

The mixture can be kept indefinitely, and is best if you keep it out of direct sunlight.

Easy oven cleaning
Easy oven cleaning

The ‘Instant’ Orange Degreaser

Okay, so you are steeping your peels in vinegar…..but what about the cleaning you need to do today?

Well, here at TGH we know that not everyone has the patience to peel oranges and sit around for 2 weeks, so we wanted to offer another choice.

This degreaser smells divine and can be ready in a flash. You simply need to mix up some readily available ingredients and you can get straight to cleaning.

1. 2 cups of warm water
2. 2 tablespoons of baking soda
3. 2 tablespoons of castille soap, or dishwashing liquid
4. 20 drops of orange (or lemon) essential oil

The method is just a case of mixing everything together and putting it in a spray bottle!

The smell from this is just mouthwatering – although please do not consume!

You will find that both options cut through grease as well as the branded chemical cleaners in the shops. So these are fantastic eco-friendly, family safe and budget choices to take.

What do you think? Do you have a recipe of your own to share? Or is it not worth the hassle?

We would love to hear from you!

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