How To Make Your Own Rain Barrel Watering System

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I don’t need to remind you just how precious and scarce the wet stuff is to all life on this planet. We need water for absolutely everything. Consider your morning routine for a moment. You wake, use the toilet, make a coffee, take a shower – what would your day be like if any single one of those things was missing, due to a lack of water.


We are lucky for the most part that many of us still have plenty of water every time we open the faucet, in fact we should admit that we generally feel complacent about it.

Yes we know that drought is increasingly prevalent across the world, and it’s true that there are warmer temperatures the year round. But the planet has plenty of water right?

Well not exactly. The majority of the water that we use – for everything from flushing the toilet to watering the garden is purified drinking water. Come on, that is crazy right?

There is no denying that this is wasteful.

Ancient humans gathered and stored rain water for their needs, so maybe it is time for us to step back in time and follow their wisdom. Rain water is considered to be ‘grey water’ so it is not suitable for human consumption. Further treatment is required to purify it before we can drink rain water.

But what about your other water needs?

Watering the garden for one thing is a fantastic way to use rain water and save the drinking water that we need to conserve. Plants love rain water, for it’s softness as well as for the fact that it contains fewer chemicals including chlorine.

Rain water can help to stabilise the pH levels in the soil, and you may find that you require far less fertiliser to boost the growth of plants compared to using normal tap water.

Don’t forget that you will also save money on your water bill by using rain water rather than your municipal water to water the garden. Building your own rain barrel watering system is surprisingly simple, cheaper than you might expect and once it is in place it is virtually maintenance free. If you follow the tips below gravity will do the hard work for you, and you can relax in the knowledge that your garden will be beautifully watered without wastage.

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